Why I’m Moving to Japan私は日本に移動しています

The first of many entries that will talk about my journey in Japan. I will do my best to have posts in both English and Japanese. If you’re able to read Japanese you can see the Japanese version of this post in my incredibly poor attempt (I am trying though). Let’s get onto why you’re here, to find out why Christopher Nilghe is moving from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Tokyo, Japan.

It’s no secret that I am moving to Japan. Those closest to me have known for quite some time, while everyone else was recently informed. This was one of those decisions that I had to keep under wraps until I knew for certain it was going to happen. I find the less I talk about something, the more likely I am to do it.


There is one month left before I leave for Tokyo to start my Working Holiday Visa, and there is still so much left to get done. Thankfully the major tasks are done, such as securing an apartment, plane tickets, funds, and my Visa. It has been quite the process and I’ve been documenting every step along the way. Even started keeping a journal starting at the 100 day mark. There have been a lot of emotional highs and lows, all of which are recorded in this journal.

100 Days Until Japan

I have been asked many times why I have made this decision to move to Japan. If you didn’t already know, I lived in Japan once before as an exchange student in Ujiie, Tochigi (which oddly does not exist anymore). This was in 2003 after I graduated high school. I made a lot of great friends and completely fell in love with the country. It was one of the best decisions I made in my young adult life. I made a promise to my 18 year old self that I would one day return. That is one of my main reasons for returning.

Host Family in Ujiie Tochigi
Host Family in Ujiie Tochigi

The other reason is timing. The Working Holiday Visa has an age limit of 30 and I turned 28 this year. My window is closing to have an easier entry into Japan. Not that I couldn’t go after I turn 30 but being able to stay for a long period of time would be a lot more challenging. I am fortunate to currently have the freedom to move around easily. This won’t last forever and if there was ever a good time, this would be it. I always go with my gut (after torturing myself with logical reasoning) and it has not steered me wrong, most of the time.

Speaking of timing, today is my last day with the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority where I have been a developer for the past 3 years. It was my first job in my field right after University. I have learned more about myself and development in those short 3 years than I could have ever imagined. It helped me figure out what I want to do with my career and where my passion lies. Which if you’re wondering, it’s with web and mobile development.


The people I worked with were one of a kind and I enjoyed every moment of it. From arguments about who had to sift through legacy code to which Firefly character was the best (Kaylee). We always had a blast while ensuring we got our work done the best way we could. I am truly sad to leave behind such a great group of people but I know they will carry on without me. I’m sure they have already picked out who got my nice window desk with a beautiful view of College Drive. I am grateful to have worked with such a unique group of individuals.

Kylee Frye

Not only am I leaving my job but also my friends and family. While this isn’t forever, it’s still tough. So, to make it easier on myself I am offering everyone a place to stay in Tokyo so they can come and visit. It’ll be fun and we will go to Disneyland!

Tokyo Disneyland

Speaking of Disneyland, everyone knows I’m a Disney Fanatic (shameless plug to my Fat Hobbit Disney Blog). One of the first orders of business once I get to Tokyo, after I get all the essential things taken care of, is  purchasing an Annual Passport for Tokyo Disney Resort! That way I can go every single day, but don’t worry I have Duffy to come with me! OK, I really won’t be going every day but likely a few times a month at the very least. Currently the closest Disney Resort is Disneyland. Which is about 2788km from Saskatoon according to Google Maps. You can’t blame me for wanting to have an Annual Passport while one of the best Disney Resorts is only a train ride away!

Dancing Mickey Mouse

I’m excited to move onto this next chapter in my life. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared or uncertain of what’s going to happen. One thing I do know, is that I will do my best.今年僕は日本への移動です。東京で住んでいます。1ヶ月で僕は日本に行きますよ。



100 Days Until Japan


Host Family in Ujiie Tochigi


Kylee Frye


Tokyo Disneyland


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  1. Good luck and GodSpeed! Keep updating this blog so we can see how you’re doing over there and what it’s really like!

  2. Chris, I wish you the best of luck in Japan, I’m soooo jealous! It’s really smart to be going on these adventures before settling down with house/responsibilities, etc.
    It was great working with you, thanks for the help you gave me to keep HR apps afloat over the years.
    Good luck! gokoūn o inorimasu!

  3. Hi Chris,

    All the best to you in you journeys! I have enjoyed working with you and your smile. Keep up the great work and have fun.

    Jackie R.

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