Cat Head Japan

Only in Japan Can You Wear a Gigantic Cat Head

You may or may not have seen photos of the ultra realistic looking cat head making its rounds on social media the past couple of weeks. It was created by a group called Japan Wool Art Academy. Yes, it looks creepy and intriguing all at once. No, you cannot buy this – but you were able to wear it. I was fortunate enough to live only an hour away from the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum where it was on display.

Cat Head Japan
Hero Pose

Where was this head?

It was part of a display featuring, you called it, cats. These cats are made out of wool and look pretty darned close to the real thing. Sadly, I was too excited to take photos of these cats, because I wanted my photo with the huge cat head!

Cat Head Pose Peace
How can you wear a huge cat head and not do this?

The Cat Head

First, you had to sign up (for reasons I am not really sure of) and then wait you turn. Fortunately, there was only a handful of people there. You’re probably thinking “Why would I want something on my head that tons of other people already wore?” A completely valid concern – and they thought about that! Before becoming one with the cat head, they put a mesh bag over your head. Think of it like a large loose leaf tea bag, in which your head goes into. After that, it is time to channel your inner feline!

Giant Cat Head Japan

The woman looking after the cat head emphasized the fact that I was not allowed to touch it with my hands. Afterwards, she took as many photos as I wanted, which I was more than happy to do. She would shout out random poses for me to do, such as cute or scary. As you can tell from some of my photos she took, I did not quite hear what she was saying.

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    I was thinking about you the other day, wondering if you are still in Japan and if you are enjoying yourself. Glad to hear from you and that you are taking advantage of the unique and wonderful opportunities offered. Take care and keep up chronicling your adventures!!

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